Lego Area

Lego Area

Lego Area

In order for children to grow up and integrate with the society, they must be raised in a well-nourished environment from childhood, and raised with feelings such as love and affection. In addition, children should play the games they need and playgrounds should be designed for them and offered to their service. Children express their feelings and thoughts more comfortably by playing games and they feel better. In this way, introverted children are prevented. Children need to play with certain toys at certain ages. Toys are designed and produced according to certain age groups. Selection of toys is also important, as the psychomotor behaviors of children of all age groups vary.

What is Lego?

Lego are toy pieces made of different materials that are brought together and create a meaning. These toy parts are made of wood or plastic. They form a meaningful whole by being combined side by side in different combinations. Legos are produced in different colors and sizes. Lego toys are produced in different sizes for all age groups from 7 to 70. Lego toys make very positive contributions especially on children's mental creativity. Bringing different parts together will make a serious contribution to the development of solution-generating skills and hand-eye coordination in order to create a meaningful whole. With the production of legoes in different colors, it is ensured that children learn colors and numbers. Thanks to lego toys, family bonds develop by spending time with their children. At home Lego field This purpose is served by creating.

Lego Types

Lego will make a positive contribution to the mental development of children as they embody the ideas they design in their minds. The number of pieces and lego sizes vary according to the age range of the children. That children will play together lego area children can play as a team and together. According to the age range, children can create the shape of the building, bridge, animal or any item they designed in their mind, thanks to legoes. The number of pieces of lego also varies according to age groups. The number of pieces of lego sets increases in older children and it is possible to create more complex shapes. Lego field Usually shopping malls can be created in playgrounds or in any corner of the house. In this way, it is ensured that children play together and develop a sense of sharing.


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